Chief Steven Dick  

The Kwiakah First Nation are a very small nation - only 19 members are registered with the band. Chief Steven Dick, whose office is hereditary, is the nation's Chief Councillor for more than 23 years. His wife, Andrean Dick, is the only other band councillor.

Chief and Council of the Kwiakah First Nation have received a strong mandate from the membership to pursue economic development opportunities through partnerships with strong industry players in the nation's traditional territory.


The nation has built long-lasting relationships with members of the tourism, forestry, mining and aquaculture industry. Some of these relationships have resulted in successful business partnerships and joint ventures.

Since 2005 the Kwiakah First Nation's small administration is being supported by Frank Voelker, who works in the capacity as the nation's band manager and economic development officer.

  Band Manager Frank Voelker
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